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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Couple Sells Ads to Pay For Wedding Costs

Couple Sells Ads to Pay For Wedding Costs - click here to view the full article

Talk about a marriage of love and money. Tom Anderson and his bride Sabrina Root paid for their $34,000 wedding this weekend by selling advertising space at the ceremony and reception.

Everything from the wedding rings to a week at a penthouse in Cancun, Mexico, were donated after Anderson got 24 companies to sponsor the nuptials in exchange for having their names appear six times from the invitations to the thank-you cards.

Anderson, 24, a bartender, did cough up his own money for his wife's $1,400 engagement ring, while Root, 33, a hair stylist, paid $1,600 for her dress.

The groom got the idea of corporate sponsorships while working in a small struggling animation studio that often had to barter for services.

"So I was in a sales mode, and I got to thinking," he told the Philadelphia Inquirer, which ran a photo of the couple sitting among their corporate-sponsored wedding "gifts" in its Sunday editions.

The bride drew the line at having advertising banners draped across the aisle. But her perfume came from a local distributor, and coffee was provided gratis from a neighborhood supplier.

Advertisers had their names appear on the invitations and thank-you cards, on cards at the buffet, on scrolls at the dinner table, in an ad placed in a local independent newspaper and in a verbal "thank you" that followed the first toast.

The Inquirer said the groom had bought two addresses on the Internet's World Wide Web, namely: sponsoredwedding.com and weddingsponsors.com.

How to save on wedding costs

Want To Save On Wedding Costs? Try Sponsorships - Photographers, Caterers, Dressmakers Could Be Convinced To Sponsor Weddings

The average wedding these days costs about $30,000. How would you like to save some of that money? Sponsors could be the answer. A bride in Egg Harbor Township is trying to do just that. "I'm writing to offer you a proposal I hope you can't refuse, I'm a bride-to-be planning a dream wedding and I want you to be part of it," Stephanie Walsh wrote to prospective vendors.

For Walsh, part of planning her wedding involves how she is going to pay for it, so she is sending out solicitation letters to area vendors for donations in return for advertising. "Basically, just proposing to them that I'm willing to advertise their services at my wedding," Walsh said. She learned about the idea of sponsored weddings in Modern Bride magazine. "I'm hoping that I can get the food sponsored, maybe the limos, maybe photography," Walsh said.

Judith Ann Graham, author of My Bride Guide, says that sponsored weddings can be a great way to save. "The whole point of getting things that are economically more feasible to us is very appealing," Graham said.

Retail experts say the idea will be appealing to sponsors, too, especially smaller, newer companies. "What a wonderful way to get your card, your logo, your brand out there to the general public," said Scott Krugman, of the National Retail Federation.

Welsh had some success with her quest. She thinks that she now has a photographer and videographer and a local eatery all interested in sponsoring her wedding. "I wouldn't mind business cards. I want it to be tasteful. I'm pretty much open to any ideas that someone would bring me," Welsh said.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

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